There’s always a better way.

If u believe the staff u just have done was perfect, then u lose. If u believe the problem u just ran into was unsolvable, then u lose.


My name is Roshan Wu, a web developer as u can see.
I am currently living in Hangzhou, China. You could reach me by Twitter or contact

I am pretty good at...

  • HTML5

    Semantic, tidy & clean. Legacy compatible & future proof. Accessible.

  • CSS

    Imaginative, responsive. efficiently by Stylus, SASS, LESS etc.

  • JavaScript

    Readable, elegant & neat. Extensible & logic. Performance optimized.

I am not too shabby with this stuff either

  • jQuery
  • NodeJS & MongoDB
  • Ruby & Jekyll
  • SVN & Git

What I Do

  • Cairenhui community


  • A online account opening system app for investors

    investorsecurityonline account opening system

  • XWeibo - safari extension

    not publish yet.

    extensionUI mod